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First Aid and CPR Training Facility

Are you prepared to help a family member, friend, or co-worker in an emergency situation?
If not, learn First Aid & CPR with AED in as little a 4 hours!

Welcome to MEDIC Training of New England. Our company offers MEDIC First Aid Training programs to businesses, military, police, fire, hospitals, daycare centers, schools, churches, scuba divers, boy/girl scouts, and the local community. All of our courses satisfy OSHA requirements and can be tailored to your environment. Recognized certification period is two years.

MEDIC First Aid's programs offer these advantages to students and facilitators:
♦ Easy-learning ♦ Low-stress class environment ♦ Confidence building ♦ Hands-on practice ♦ Excellent printed support materials ♦ Easy-to-use Facilitator's Guide ♦ Professional Facilitator training courses ♦ Award-winning DVD or online blended course program

MFA Logo Founded in Portland, OR in 1976, MEDIC First Aid is a leading provider of workplace CPR/AED and First Aid training programs. MEDIC First Aid focuses on standardized, convenient workplace training for consistent, repeatable results.

MEDIC First Aid courses make workplace training more consistent with dynamic, engaging video programs to support instructors and students, and blended learning elements. Courses are based on the same scientific guidelines and treatment recommendations used by the American Heart Association (AHA) and the American Red Cross (ARC).

MEDIC First Aid programs are accepted as equivalent to the AHA and ARC by many state regulatory authorities, the Department of Homeland Security, the United States Coast Guard, and other organizations.  These programs are consistent with OSHA best practices for first aid training programs.

First Aid and CPR COVID-19 Procedures
1. All students will be asked if they have any symptoms or been in contact with a positive COVID-19 person.
2. Manikin and AED per student, no sharing.
3. Each student will receive a pocket mask for Adult and Infant with replacement valve to keep after use.
4. All manikins, AED, and face shields will be sanitized.
5. Students will be provided nonlatex gloves for use in class and must always be worn.

Basic G2015
First Aid & CPR
Pediatric G2015
First Aid & CPR
CarePlus G2015
CPR Only
infant cpr
AED Philips

HeartStart OnSite AED

Heart BeatHeart BeatHeart BeatHeart Beat


What's Included:

• Philips HeartStart Onsite HS1 Defibrillator (8-Yr Warranty)

• Carrying Cases Options (3): Slim, Standard, Waterproof Shell

• Philips OnSite Adult SMART Pads Cartridge (2-Yr Warranty)
• Philips OnSite Lithium Battery Pack (4-Yr Installed Warranty)

• Philips OnSite User Manual

• Philips OnSite Quick User Guide


• Simple to Operate / Ease of Use for Lay Responder

• Infant/Child Pads/Key - for 55 lbs or 8 years and under

• Quick Shock - Minimize chest compression interruptions

• Visual Queues - Clear, intuitive icon driven operation

• Life Guidance - Personal Coach with audible CPR Instructions

• Built-in Self Test - 85 daily, weekly, and monthly tests

• Integrated Smart Pads - Senses application to patient's skin

• FDA Approved, No Prescription needed


Philips, the worldwide leader in automated external defibrillators (AEDs), designed the HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator for the ordinary person in the extraordinary moment. The first and only AED available without a prescription, the OnSite is designed to be the easiest to set up and use and the most reliable defibrillator available. Their innovative technology, based on extensive research and user feedback, has produced a defibrillator so easy to use that you can potentially save the life of a coworker, friend, or anyone else stricken with sudden cardiac arrest. Weighing just 3.3 lbs/1.5 kg, the HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator is small and lightweight. Using clear, calm voice instructions, it guides you through each step of defibrillation, including CPR coaching. Integrated SMART Pads placed on the victims bare skin sense and adapt the defibrillators instructions to your actions every step of the way. HeartStart OnSite includes highly proven Philips technologies for heart rhythm assessment (SMART Analysis) and defibrillation energy delivery (SMART Biphasic). And like all HeartStart Defibrillators, it can be used to treat infants and children as well as adults.

Choose from one of three carrying cases
Slim Case
Standard Case
Hard Case

AED Slim Case

AED Standard Case

AED Hard Case



Place for paramedic scissors

No room for spare pads and battery



One spare pads cartridge

Spare battery

Comes equipped with one paramedic scissors



Spare battery

Spare pads cartridge

Contents of Fast Response Kit




SMART Pads Cartridge


SMART Pad Cartridge

Fast Response Kit
Long-Life Battery


Pedicatric PADS

Response Kit

Battery AED


Basic Surface Mounted
Premium Surface Mounted
Premium Semi-Recessed

AED Basic Cabinet

16.5" x 15" x 6"

AED Premium Cabinet

16" x 22.5" x 6"

AED Recessed Cabinet

14" x 22" x 6"