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Shore Dives

This program is designed to bring divers together to dive, socialize, and have fun! Our staff will be there to give you as little or as much assistance as you need. We are there to give you a dive site profile, provide buddy teams, and provide guided dives. This program is perfect for newly certified divers looking for guidance and experience, or any diver looking to have fun! Participants must sign up at our store.


Due to the coronavirus, our shore dive program will be limited in days and number of participants.  Please see schedule below and stay tuned. Please be heathy and safe! To date, there have been no cases of the coronavirus underwater.


MASS Diving has teamed up with the Metrowest Dive Club's shore dive program. Steve Bigelow, coordinator has been doing an excellent job both organizing the program and diving. Divers are having a great time diving, meeting other divers, and overall having a fun safe time. We encourage you to join the Metrowest Dive Club and dive with them through their Saturday Morning Date at Eight Program that runs 12 months a year. Divers MUST contact Steve in order to participate. To find out more about the Metrowest Dive Club and to become a member, click here.


How do I participate?

Participants must register with the store for each dive in which they wish to participate. This will allow us to plan staff accordingly and call you if the dive is canceled due to bad weather. If possible, please let us know at least 24 hours prior to the dive date you would like to participate in.

Meeting Place

For all North Shore dives we will meet at the Burger King on Route 128 North just past exit 19 in Beverly at 8am unless another location is specified. We are recommending carpooling whenever possible. For South Shore or RI dives, ask for the meeting place upon registration.

Weekend Dive Program

Join us for a two tank dive on selected Saturday and Sunday mornings from June to the end of October. One or more of our staff will be there to coordinate the event - assist with dive buddies, dive site profile, and assist you with any equipment issues that may arise. See the schedule below for details.

Note: Participants on the shore dive program must bring their own dive flag.

Additional dives will be added throughout the summer and fall. Keep checking the site for more dives offered.

2021 Dates
Meeting Time

High Tide

Dive Site
Sunday, June 6* 7:30am @ BK   Old Garden Beach Geoff Ghertler
Sunday, June 13* 8am @ BK   Halibut Point - Long walk to site Jorge Schettini
Sunday, June 20 7:30am @ Site 7:30am Bass Rocks (1 long dive) Geoff Ghertler
Sunday, June 27* 8am @ BK   Back Beach Todd Boothroyd
Sunday, July 4* 8am@ BK   Pebble Beach Jorge Schettini
Sunday, July 11     Hurricane Party :-)  
Sunday, July 18     Stormy Forecast Predicted  
Sunday, July 25* 7:30am @ Site   Pebble Beach (Loblolly) Todd Boothroyd
Sunday, August 1* 7:30am @ Site   Pebble Beach Geoff Ghertler
Sunday, Aug. 29* Noon @ Site   Old Garden Beach Geoff Ghertler
Sunday, Sept. 5* 8am @ BK   Whale Cove (drop gear, shutte/bike from H.S.) Todd Boothroyd
Sunday, Sept. 12* 8am @ BK   Old Garden Beach Matt McNeal
Sunday, Sept. 19* 8am @ BK   Halibut Point  *****CANCELLED***** Jorge Schettini
Sunday, Sept. 26* 7:30am @ Site   Pebble Beach Geoff Ghertler
Sunday, Oct. 17 1:30pm @ Site   Salt Island (Good Harbor Beach) Todd Boothroyd
Sunday, Oct. 24 8am @ BK   Loblolly Cove Jorge Schettini
Sunday, Oct. 31 8am @ BK   Hoop Pole Cove or Bass Rocks (depending on conditions) Todd Boothroyd

*Pending permit approval, Minimum 6 maximum 10 total divers.

Dive Locations are subject to change due to dive conditions.
To get updated information, make sure you are on our email list. To register, click on Enter to Win at the top of the page.
Cathedral Rocks & Norman's Woe** - Due to the strenuous entry and exit conditions, divers must be in good physical health, hold an advanced certification or have previous experience diving either of these sites.