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Manthiri Liveaboard, Maldives

Why dive the Maldives on the Manthiri?

Mantas, whalesharks, turtles, octopus, large schools of fish, beautiful anemones and clownfish, healthy hard and soft corals, and more variety and quantity of marine life than any place you have ever seen.

Over 25 years of experience diving in the Maldives.

Most experienced and helpful crew in the Maldives.

Moosa Hassan, our head dive guide, has over 10,750 dives in the Maldives. He knows all the excellent dive sites!

Only 12 passengers for personalized attention and limited divers underwater!

Join us for a trip of a lifetime and "Live the Dream" with us underwater!

U.S. Toll Free (844)-Maldive (625-3483) or 508-651-0772

Covid procedures are constantly changing. Please contact us for the most current updates.

See our video on YouTube.

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Large Schools of Fish

Anenomes and Clownfish

Soft Corals

Hard Corals

Mark Potter's Signature Photos

Manthiri - Our Vessels

You have been working hard.
Treat yourself to a well deserved dive vacation!

 Sample Package

  • Included:
    Airport transfers in Male
    Accommodations onboard the Manthiri based on double occupancy Click here for schedule
    Approximately 4 dives per day or 3 day dives and 1 night dive
    Meals, bottled water, coffee, tea, and juices
    Tanks and weights
    12% Food/Services Tax
    $6 per night Government Green Tax
  • Not Included:
    Hotel stays before or after the trip
    Crew Gratuity
    Soda, beer, wine, hard liquor
    Personal purchases
    Meals in transit
    Trip insurance - Highly Recommended

Note: For groups, the schedule can be adjusted to meet your number of nights requirements.

Current Travel Requirements for the Maldives

  1. The Maldives government changed the COVID test to 96 hours prior so this should make it easier to get the test back on time. Here is a link However if you have been fully vaccinated and two weeks has passed, you do not need covid test and you can upload your vaccine card on the link under #3.
  2. You must print out your PCR COVID Test if required or your vaccination card and bring with you. The rapid test is not accepted. I would recommend making a couple of copies.
  3. The Traveler Health Declaration (THD) must be filled in and submitted by all visitors twice – 24 hours before your flight to the Maldives and once more before you depart from the Maldives. You may submit the form electronically via . You will need to upload a picture and your negative COVID Test. You can go online now to check it out so you are familiar with it. Note on return you wlll have to go to the same website and fill out the returning section. You will need a head and shoulder shot for this so bring one to the Maldives with you and the link.
  4. I will be sending you a voucher from the Manthiri that states the date of arrival and where you are staying. You need this or they will not let you on the plane.
  5. Here is a link to the trip information sheet. Remember cash for tipping must be newer bills, clean not written on or torn. Boat takes Mastercard and Visa.
  6. I would be at the airport at least 3 hours before your departure. Lines will be slower due to all the COVID stuff to process.
  7. Here is the link to the boat application and medical form. Please fill this out ahead of time and bring it to the boat so check in goes a lot faster.
  8. The USA government is now requiring a negative COVID-19 test returning to the USA. The Manthiri will set the test up for you towards the end of our trip. Fee will be at customers expense.
  9. Maldives on island COVID Insurance - 

Individuals Join us on one of our group lead trips
or book the entire boat!

 Click here for our full schedule and open weeks

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 Our Sales Representatives are ready to take your call
Toll Free (844)-Maldive (625-3483) or 508-651-0772

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday: 12pm - 6pm   Closed Tuesdays, Saturday:and Sunday: 12pm - 5pm EST

Mark Potter

Carol Murphy

Our staff looks forward to working with dive shops, individuals, and wholesalers by assisting them with creating not only successful trips to the Maldives, but wonderful exciting memories of the marine life that will leave their divers speechless.  It is all about diving, sharing experiences, and "Living the Dream" underwater.

If you are interested in booking a trip through our company, Manthiri Liveaboard USA Sales and Marketing Office, here is what you can expect:

Staff available to answer questions and to assist with bookings. toll free number has been established 844-625-3483 (844-Maldive).

Email contact at for ease of communicating.

An informational website at

We will educate your staff so they have all the tools they need to sell a Manthiri, Maldives Group Dream Vacation.

We will offer you spectacular underwater photos to assist you in promoting the sizzle of your group trip on your website, paper flyers, and other promotional material.

Maldives Nights - Mark has created a PowerPoint Presentation and can come out to your dive center and/or make it available for your use to assist in creating excitement for your Maldives group trip.

Mark Potter and Moosa Hassan (Cruise Director and Experienced Dive Guide on the Manthiri) have put together a book on diving the Maldives on the Manthiri. This book is available for you to show your customers and assist you in selling your group trips.

We exhibit at trade shows and will assist you in filling your group trips.

We will work with individual bookings but also steer customers to dive centers that book through us.

We will list your trip on our website with a link to your trip page to steer customers to your store.

Why has Mark and MASS Diving had 29 successful group trips to the Maldives on the Manthiri?

The Manthiri staff has 25 years of experience in diving the waters of the Maldives. They know where the best dive sites are and when the best time of the day or year is to dive on them.

Moosa Hassan, their dive guide, has over 10,978 dives on the reefs of the Maldives and is an expert underwater photographer and marine life.

The Manthiri has the most experienced and friendly crew in the Maldives.

Their chefs will cook you the most amazing meals and can customize the food to your dietary needs.

The marine life and corals will leave you speechless. Mark and Moosa's photos tell the underwater story.

With 6 cabins and 12 guests it is not only easier to fill the boat but also offers more personal attention - 12 passengers to approximately 11 crew.

Manthiri Maldives
Photo Book
By Mark Potter and Moosa Hassan

Photos of our liveaboard dive boat in the Maldives, the crew, and amazing marine life you will see on your Maldives Dream Dive Vacation with us.
Click on book to purchase

$79.95 | 29 full color pages

Manthiri Liveaboard

North America Sales and Marketing Office
247 West Central Street, Natick MA 01760

Toll Free (844)-Maldive (625-3483)