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Another 6351 Tank Explodes
This time close to home
Most dive centers in New England will no longer fill these tanks. Check your tank and if it is suspect, drain it now.  For safety reasons, we are committed to getting these tanks off the market. Thousands of tanks nationwide have already been taken out of service. It is time to get the rest out now. Diving is an extremely safe sport and we want to keep it that way. Feel free to bring your tank in and we will destroy it safely for you so no one will get hurt.

Problem 6351 Aluminum Tanks
Luxfer Manufacturer with an original hydro date of 1989 and prior
Walter Kiddie (WK) Manufacturer - all

Note: All Catalina tanks are good. They used aluminum 6061 not 6351.

Pictures Fill Stations Pisces Diving Rhode Island - June 13, 2007

Fill Station

Reinforced Stainless Steel Tank

Tanks were placed in thick PVC Piping
to hold them in place

Force was send upward

Due to this, the Fill Station operator

standing 3 feet away was not hurt.

About the tank

Year 1982 Last Hydro/VIP June 2006 Tank was very clean inside Exploded at approximately 1500-2000 psi

DATE    LOCATION                           LISTED CAUSE    INJURY?    MANUFACTURER

Sep -11 St. Petersburg, Fla                         SLC*                Death              Luxfer
Oct-88    Southport, Australia                     SLC*                  No                  Luxfer
Jun-94    Miami, Florida                             SLC*                  Yes                 Luxfer
Jan-98    Corlette, Australia                       SLC*                  No                  CIG Gas Cylinders*
Feb-98    Riviera Beach, Florida               SLC*                  Yes                  Walter Kidde
Aug-98    Tairua, New Zealand                 SLC*                  Yes                  Luxfer
Dec-98    Tampa, Flordia                    Not determined        No                  Luxfer
Apr-99    British Colombia                        SLC*                  No                  Luxfer
Mar-00    Key Largo, Florida              Not determined       Yes                 Walter Kidde
Jun-00    Miyako Island, Japan               SLC*                  No                  CIG Gas Cylinders
Jul-04    Luraville, Florida                       SLC*                  Yes                 Luxfer
Jul-04    Oahu, Hawaii                       Not determined      Yes                 Walter Kidde
Sep-04   Videlia, California               Not determined       No                  Walter Kidde
Jan-05   Perth, Australia                        SLC*                   No                  CIG Gas Cylinders
Jun-07   Tiverton, RI                              SLC*                   No                  Luxfer
Aug 09   SW Rocks Austsralia              SLC*                   Lost hand       Luxfer
Sept 10  Croatian Island, Australia       SLC*                   Death             Luxfer
Sept 11  St Petersburg, Florida            SLC*                   Death             Luxfer
Oct 12    Ambergris Caye Belize          SLC*                   Death             Luxfer
Aug 14   Cozumel Mexico                   SLC*                   Death              Luxfer
Sept 16  Cronulla, Australia                SLC*                   Death              Luxfer