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Directions to Dive Sites



DIRECTIONS FROM 128:  For Back Beach - Take 128 North into Gloucester.  Follow all the way to the end.  You'll go through TWO rotaries.  Go halfway around each so you stay on 128 North.  At the end you come to a set of lights.  Take a left at the lights.  This is 127 (Eastern Ave).  Follow for a little over 3 miles, you'll come to a three-way fork.  Take a left staying on 127.  Go about 1/4 to 1/2 mile, watch for Beach St. on your right, it's a hard right.  Go right onto Beach St. The beach is on your left. 

DIRECTIONS FROM 128: For Front Beach – Follow the directions above for Back Beach until you reach the three-way intersection, take a slight right onto Broadway, then take the first left onto Cleaves Street then at the end of Cleaves Street take a left on to Upper Main Street and then a slight right onto Beach Street.  Go past the first beach area and park on the right side (beach side)   in the spots starting across from the Peg Leg Inn.



DIRECTIONS FROM 128:  Take 128 North to the first rotary.  Go 3/4 around the rotary (9 o'clock position) to 127 North.  Follow this winding road for several miles and you'll go by a small beach on the left with a dirt parking lot on the right side of the street.  This is Plum Cove.  After you go by Plum start watching on your left.  You'll pass Seaside Cemetery on your left at a curve in the road. Folly Cove is just past this about 200'.  If you enter Rockport you just went by Folly cove. 



DIRECTIONS FROM 128:  Take 128 North thru the second rotary.  At traffic lights take a left onto Route 127 to Rockport Center.  You will come to an intersection with multiple streets.  Turn Right onto Route 127A.  About half a mile down Route 127A; take a left onto Norwood Avenue.  Follow Norwood Avenue for several blocks to where the road will turn right for one block.  The Dive Site will be on your left.  You will see a resident only parking lot.  You will have to find parking on side streets.



DIRECTIONS FROM 128:  Take 128 North thru the second rotary.  At traffic lights take a left onto Route 127.  Just pass the Shopping Plaza on your right, take a right onto Marina Drive to Route 127A. Take a left on 127A and follow it for several miles to South Street (Land Mark Turk’s Head Motor Inn.)  Take a Right onto South Street.  Take a Left onto Penzance Road.  Pebble beach will be on your right.  Parking is on right side only.



DIRECTIONS FROM 128:  Take route 128 north to Exit 14, Route 133.  Go right off the exit.  When you come to Route 127, take a right.  Take your next left onto Hough Avenue.  Stage Fort Park parking lot will be on your right.  Turn into parking lot and take a left.  Head down towards the end and try to park on the left facing the street.  Beach is across the street.