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Grip Socks/Boat Socks

Grip Socks/Boat Socks
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Our new GRIP SOCKS/BOAT SOCKS are engineered for the boater, fisherman, water sports and beach sports athlete. With a tougher, rougher sole than Sand Socks, wear GRIP SOCKS:

on the sand,

on your deck,

on your board

in the water

under fins

in the river

under shoes or sandals

Lightweight with a flexible, but durable sole, GRIP SOCKS provide balance, grip, and feel, while protecting feet from the elements, protection against heat, cold, sharp objects, and dirt while the Spandex uppers let feet breathe and keep out sand, mud, and dirt.


have a tough, non-slip sole for traction on boat or other surfaces

but are light enough to be worn under shoes

Are made of wetsuit quality materials

Are breathable, unlike neoprene booties

Are the perfect gift for the boater, fisherman, or water athlete

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