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Fourth Element Halo 3D Undergarment

Fourth Element Halo 3D Undergarment
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Fourth Element Halo 3D Undergarment Maximising thermal protection whilst minimizing buoyancy, the HALO 3D has body mapped insulation, strategically placed to enhance protection when in horizontal trim. Designed for use underneath membrane and trilaminate suits, the HALO 3D is the perfect complement to our current range of drysuit thermal protection. In a layering combination with xerotherm, HALO 3D is suitable for the harshest diving conditions on the planet.

Right Arm Pocket

There is a useful pocket in the right arm is ideal for small valuables.

P-Valve Holes

P-valve holes are located at the inner thigh on both legs so the user can select the preferred leg for routing the catheter, the holes are not fully open as only a small number of users will need to use them. If a p-valve is required you will need to carefully cut using sharp scissors to open the hole wide enough for the catheter tube to fit through. Be careful not to cut into or beyond the end of the button hole stitching as this will allow the fabric to fray

SpaceTek Compression Resistant Panels

SPACETEK material blends perfectly with the dual layer construction to provide a constant, compression resistant layer of air on the torso front, thighs and shoulders. The benefit of this additional protection becomes clear, as soon as you enter the water as you feel cocooned by 8mm thick enhanced thermal protection layers. High Density Fleece Three layers of heavyweight, high density material enhance protection of critical areas. The back, kidney region, buttocks and hamstring region are protected. Combined with the insulation offered by the SPACETEK material, you will feel warmer and better protected.

Thumb Loops

Thumb Loops on the sleeves make donning a drysuit on top of the Halo 3D easy.

One Piece Design

The one piece design is simple and functional; lower profile around the hips and midriff, allowing high maneuverability with panels of additional thermal protection layers located where they are needed most, enhancing the thermal protection in critical zones without excessive bulkiness. It can be worn as part of a layer system with drybase, xerotherm and in extreme cases, even Arctic.

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