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Service Rates 2022

MASS Diving offers top notch service. See below for some of the services we offer and pricing.

Air Station Fills

Scuba and Scott Air Packs


Pony Bottles up to 30 cu ft


Big Storage Tanks


Small Paint Ball Tanks UP TO 4500 psi.


Air Fill Card (10 fills $12.00 per fill)


Nitrox Fills - Up to 40 cu.ft. per tank up to 34%


Nitrox Fills - 41 cu.ft and over per tank up to 34%


All tanks over 34% 


Nitrox Notes Tanks do not have to be oxygen cleaned.
Nitrox Certification Required.
Nitrox mixes available from 22 to 40%.

*All tanks must have current Hydro, VIP and Visual Plus

Tank Service

Includes: VIP, and fill (o-rings not included $.75 ea.)


Visual Inspection
Includes: VIP and fill (o-rings add $.75 ea.)



Other Services

Tank Whipping


Tank Tumbling


Tank Cleaning



Tank Safety Notice


Aluminum tanks made from material 6351 are cracking.

MASS Diving wants these tanks out of service before someone else gets hurt.

Click here for more information


Regulator Labor Rates

MASS Diving services regulators from the below manufacturers

Aqualung Logo
U.S. Divers

Seaquest Logo
Genesis Logo
Scubapro Logo
Sherwood Logo

Regulator Labor Rate - Apex, Aqualung, Genesis, Scuba Pro, Seaquest, and Sherwood

$30.00 per Stage

Seaquest Air Source or Scubapro Air 2 Only


Minor Service


Battery Change Labor in house (other rates apply for sending back to the manufacturer) $10.00

Oil Filled Environmental Regulators Additional



Buoyancy Compensators



BC Labor with Aqualung i3 Inflation System


BC with integrated Air 2 or Air Source Second Stage


Includes: Clean and rebuild power inflator/air source, clean and treat bladder, and test for leaks. Does not include parts if not under warranty