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Scubapro Regulator MK11 S360Scubapro R095insight

Scubapro MK11 S360 Regulator

Scubapro R095 Octopus

Insight Dive Computer


Available Now



Reg. $1193.95
Save $548.95!


Worthington LP Steel 95 tank

Worthington Low Pressure

95 steel Tanks


Available Now


Only two left

Scubapro Glide BC Used

Scubapro Glide BCD

XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL



Reserve Now


Available Now


Reg. $730.00

Save $330.05!


O'Neill Mens 7mm Wetsuits

Sizes S, M, LS, XLS

O'Neill Womens 7mm Suits

Size 4 to 14


Available Now


Reg. $360.00

Save $260.00!


Aqualung 7mm WetsuitAqualung 7mm wetsuit blueAqualung Wetsuit 7mm black

Aqualung 7mm Wetsuits

Sizes S, M, ML, L, XL, XXL, 3XL


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Available Now


Reg. $399.00

Save $200!

XSpan HOod

XSPAN Sizes M, L

Henderson Hyperflex S - XXL

Selected odd hoods XS, L, XL


Available Now

$30 Reg. $60


$20 Reg. $60


$10 Reg. $50

Scubapro Everdry4 Dry Suit


Mens Sizes M, MR, L, LR, XL, XLR, XXL

Womens, M, L, XL


Available Now


Reg. $1099.00
Save $599.95

Scubapro Climatic Undergarment for Everdry4 Dry Suit


Reg. $150.00
Save $75.00!


Dive Rite 905 Dry Suit
Sizes A (XS)

As in condition


Available Now


Reg. $1750.00
Save $1250.05!

drysuit undergasrment

Dive Rite Undergarment

(Limited Quantities)


Available Now


Reg. $425.00
Save $300!

DUI Actionwear Fleece

Jumpsuit 300


Available Now


Reg. $210.00
Save $110.05!

Quantities are limited. Regulator system and BCDs will be fully serviced before sold.


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