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Part Number:SN650BS Manufacturer: XS Scuba Color: BLACK

For those that don’t like to wear a snorkel but think it may be a good idea to have one “just in case”, we offer the Cargo Snorkel. 
Just roll it up, secure the tip to the customized snorkel keeper, and stow it in your pocket. 
When it’s time to use it, simply unclip it, because it is 100% silicone, it pops back into its original shape. 
It’s clever! It’s compact! It’s Cargo!

Roll up and stow in your BC pocket

Carry this snorkel out of your way

100% silicone construction

Self-draining purge valve

Special snorkel keeper to keep it rolled up

Compact design

p/n SN650BS (black silicone)

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