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Part Number:RS119005 Manufacturer: AQUALUNG Color: NEON YELLOW


When performance is your highest priority, LEG3ND is the answer. The LEG3ND shares the same breathing characteristics with the LEG3ND ELITE and LEG3ND MBS. The familiar Venturi switch now features an updated and ergonomic design. Because your sensations and emotions are amplified in the underwater world, you can focus on what matters: feeling free.

New front cover opening channels allow water to flow sideways over the diaphragm
Radial openings to prevent freeflows when diving in stronger currents
Openings widened to reduce peak inspiratory flow by an impressive 20%

New overmolded exhaust cover made of elastomer with a “soft touch” effect

Overmolded air purge
Wide surface area makes regulator purging easier
Purge depth controller optimizes air flow with minimal effort

Patented Comfobite mouthpiece reduces jaw fatigue and secures the second stage more comfortably.

Detachable and reusable mouthpiece clamp allows a quick and simple tool-free mouthpiece change without plastic waste.

The enlarged heat exchanger helps to prevent freezing of the second stage mechanism

Air channel deflector
Directs the air flow evenly during the inhalation phase
Streamlined bi-material deflector lowers the exhalation effort

Flexible and lightweight Aqua Flex hose with dual protectors

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