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Become a PADI professional. As a divemaster you will learn a great deal of diving knowledge, be able to assist in teaching classes, teach certain classes independently, and lead guided dives.

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A Divemaster is the first leadership level in the PADI progression.

This rating denotes an individual who:

  • 1. Has a high level of personal diving skill.
  • 2. Possesses instructor level knowledge of diving theory.
  • 3. Has had significant training in how to assist an instructor during training activities.
  • 4. Is able to assume a role of responsibility for the welfare of other divers in his/her charge.

Duties of a PADI Divemaster:

  • 1. Assist a teaching status PADI Instructor in confined water and open water training of divers.
  • 2. Independently guide Open Water Diver Course students on the tour portion of training dives 2 through 4 at a ratio of 2 students per certified Divemaster.
  • 3. Conduct the PADI Environmental Orientation Dives so long as the Divemaster is insured.
  • 4. Generally supervise both training and non-training related activities by planning, organizing, and directing dives.
  • 5. Independently teach the PADI Snorkeling Course.
  • 6. Independently conduct a SCUBA Refresher Course
  • 7. Independently conduct a PADI Discover SCUBA Program after being qualified to teach.

To qualify for PADI Divemaster training, you must:

  • 1. Be certified as a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent rating.
  • 2. Be certified as a PADI Rescue Diver or equivalent rating.
  • 3. Be 18 years of age or older.
  • 4. Submit an approved medical exam form for a medical examination conducted within the past year. The form is to be signed by a licensed physician and is to state that the candidate is fit for diving.
  • 5. Be CPR certified (within 24 months).
  • 6. Have 40 logged dives by the start of the course.
  • 7. Have 60 logged dives by the end of the course.

Note: A CPR/First Aid course will be made available at an additional cost if needed.

Course Structure: To fulfill these training objectives, the PADI Divemaster course consists of three phases or modules that include:

  • 1. Knowledge Development - Classroom review of Divemaster Digital Crewpack Segments and Dive Theory Online
  • 2. Watermanship, Pool Skills, and Dive Skills Workshops
  • 3. Practical Application/Internship

Divemaster Performance Requirements

  • 1. Complete the Divemaster Digital Online Course and pass the Final Exam
  • 2. Complete Dive Theory Online
  • 3. Complete and turn in an Emergency Assistance Plan
  • 4. Complete and turn in an Underwater Map
  • 5. Complete the skills and stamina module scoring a minimum of 15 points. Skills include: 400-yard swim (8 laps), 15 minutes tread water (last 2 minutes hands out of water), 800-yard snorkel swim (16 laps), 100 yard inert diver tow in full scuba gear, and equipment exchange.
  • 6. Complete a Rescue Assessment
  • 7. Complete all 24 dive skills - Candidates must demonstrate all scuba and skin diving skills in a "demonstration quality" manner scoring at least a 3 (out of 5) on each skill, and scoring at least 82 points in total, with at least one underwater skill at a 5.
  • 8. Pool Dive Skill Workshops - Discover SCUBA, Snorkeling, and ReActive
  • 9. Open Water Skill Workshops - Discover SCUBA and Discover Local Diving
  • 10. Conduct a simulated or actual Divemaster conducted program (lead dive)
  • 11. Intern one complete open water SCUBA class - classroom, pool, and four ocean dives
  • 12. Intern one dive in a continuing education program
  • 13. Deep Dive Scenario
  • 14. Search and Recovery Scenario
  • 15. Dive Site Set-up and Management Scenario
  • 16. Dive Site Briefing Scenario

Required Materials: (Student materials and PADI processing fee are not included.)

  • PADI Divemaster Digital CrewPack 
  • PADI Divemaster Processing Fee

PADI Online Theory: (paid directly to PADI Click here to register) (Must be completed by the first day of class.)

Divemaster Digital Crewpack: Must be purchased through MASS Diving. (Must be completed by the first day of class.)

Suggested Additional Materials

PADI Open Water Manual with recreational dive planner, PADI Advanced Manual, PADI Rescue Manual with accident management work slate, Instructor Confined Open Water and Open Water Slates.

Divemaster Course  March 2021

Sunday, March 14 – Class 1
1pm to 4:30pm




Pool – Sunday, March 14
4:45pm to 9pm

Role and Characteristics of the PADI Divemaster (Chapter 1)

Supervising Diving Activities (Chapter 2)

Assisting with Student Divers in Training (Chapter 3)

Diver Safety and Risk Management (Chapter 4)

Divemaster Conducted Programs (Chapter 5)


Stamina and waterskills and Skills review/evaluation

Sunday,  March 21 – Class 2

1pm to 4:30pm



Pool - Sunday,  March 21
4:45pm to 9pm

Specialized Skills and Activities (Chapter 6)

The Business of Diving and your Career (Chapter 7)

Awareness of the Dive Environment (Chapter 8)

Dive Theory Review (Go over questions from the online course)

Final Exam Part One


Stamina and waterskills and 24 Skills review/evaluation continued

Sunday, April 11 - Class 3

1pm to 4:30


Pool – Sunday, April 11
4:45pm to 9pm

Make up classroom session (If necessary)



Divemaster Conducted Programs Training Exercise and Rescue Evaluation

Pool – Sunday, April 18
4:45pm to 9pm

Discover Scuba, Snorkeling, and ReActivate


Ocean Training Dives

Scheduled during class

Deep Dive/Search and Recovery Dive

Scheduled during class

Dive Site Set-up and Management Scenario

Dive Site Briefing Scenario

Open Water Skill Workshops - Discover Scuba and Discover Local Diving

MASS Diving Cancellation/Postponement Policy: MASS Diving reserves the right to cancel or postpone a class due to weather, lightning, pool closing, below minimum enrollment levels, or any other circumstance that may cause the course to be postponed. In the event of a class cancellation by MASS Diving, the student may switch to another date or receive a full refund on the instructional portion of the course. Materials fee is only refundable if returned in its original condition. Classes - Up to 14 Days Before Class Start Date:  Students may transfer into another class or cancel and receive a refund up to 14 days prior to their course start date with a 10% service fee. Student kit will only be credited if returned unused.  Opened DVDs cannot be returned. 5 to 13 Days Before Class Start Date: Students can transfer into a future class, no refunds and a re-scheduling fee of $50.00 will apply. 0 to 4 Days Before Class Start Date: students can transfer into a future class, no refunds and a re-scheduling fee of 50% of the tuition will apply. Rental Equipment is non-refundable, Gift Cards are non-refundable, Charter Boat is non-refundable unless the charter cancels. 

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