MASS Diving Challenge


Join the 2017 MASS Diving Challenge

It is all about relationships, diving, and having fun!

Plus earn great prizes!

Challenge begins January 1 to December 31, 2017

Take the MASS Diving Local 50 Dive Site Challenge.

Dive all 50 sites!

Click here for the 50 dive site map.

Diving Challenge Requirements and Overview:

  1. Participants must register as a Gold or Silver Dive Program Member.
  2. Earn points every time you dive, take a MASS Diving advanced or continuing education course, for your equipment
    purchases, and more.
  3. Also as a Gold or Silver member, you can enjoy the benefits of the programs - discounts on purchases, air fills, and rental equipment. Plus the $15 shore dive fee is waived! See full details on our Dive Program Page.

Point System

Join as a Silver Member 2017 - 5 points
Join as a Gold Member 2017 - 10 points
Attend one of our shore dives in 2017 - 10 points
Attend one of our MASS Diving led boat dives in 2017 - 15 points
Book a charter (not on our program dives) on Cape Ann Divers through MASS Diving in 2017 - 10 points
Sign up for a MASS Diving Exotic trip leaving in 2017/2018. Deposit before 12/31/17 - 10 points for each day of diving.
Total equipment purchases from January 2, 2017 - December 31, 2017 - 10 points for every $250.00
Take a MASS Diving course (Adavnced to Instructor) or specialty course: in 2017 - 20 points
Achieve Master Scuba Diver Rating this year by 12/31/17 - 25 points
Equipment serviced by MASS Diving between 1/2/17 - 12/31/17 - 10 points each for a regulator, BCD, & tanks
Refer a friend to our PADI Open Water Course in 2017 - 20 points *
"Like" MASS Diving's Facebook page - 10 points
*Your friend must register and complete the class/pool for points to be awarded.


Prizes will be awarded at the end of the season during our Customer Appreciation Party held at our store. Prizes will be awarded in order from highest to lowest points. Participants will have their choice of prizes. Refreshments, sandwiches and desserts will be served.




The diving manufacturers and PADI generously donate equipment and educational materials to our program. See below for previous prizes.

dive flagdive flagdive flag

2016 MASS Diving Program Customer Appreciation Party

will be held on Friday, January 27, 2017 at 6:30pm

Come and pick up your prize!

Socialize with your fellow divers and the MASS Diving Staff.


Come hungry, pizza, chips, and desserts will be served!

Please RSVP so we can plan food accordingly.

Dive Program Prizes 2016

More prizes to come!

Core Supreme Regulator

Aqualung 250 Mesh Backpack


Sherwood Insight Wrist Computer Cramer Decker (Sherwood)
1.5mm Neosport Shirt and Pants Henderson

9 Slap Straps

2 Adjust-A-Straps - A Divers World

4 Comfort Cushion Mouthpieces

1 Lazer Sticks

1 T-2 Scuba Tool

1 Mini Quest Slate

3 Knife Wraps

4 Nitrox Dive Flag Stickers

4 Bone Diver Bottle Koozie

Innovative Scuba

2 PT Pod OG Green

2 Micro Fiber Towel

6 Sea Buff 6

6 Sea Gold 6

2 - 3mm Full Wetsuits O'Neill

2 PADI Laptop Backpacks

2 PADI Encyclopedias

2 PADI Wall Clocks

2 PADI Tumbler 16oz

12 PADI License Plate Frames

3 PADI Beach Towels

50 PADI Decals
3 Scuba Tank USB

LED Light Pack - 3 Lights - Torrent, Impact XL, & Amp1 Princeton Tec

Chromis Wrist Computer
Aladin Sport Wrist Computer
6 Hats and T Shirts

Dive Light 650 Sealife

Kraken Dive Light 1000

Kraken Dive Light 650



2016 Results are in!


Damon Bates
Gary Watling 2
Evan Zacharias 3
Todd Boothroyd 4
Dan Hedrick 5
Terry O'Brien/Jason Feick/Rosemary Casey 6
Steven Kazmirski 7
Jim Aquilino 8
Paul Sarkis 9
Christian Pitel/David Piersol-Freedman 10
Steven Gallant/Jesica Partin 11
Tim Murray 12
Chris Turner 13
Michael Royer 14
David Leonard 15
Asli Ertekin/Kelly Fuller/Jemmie Piersol-Freedman 16
Michael Strozewski 17
Peter Toyias 18
Mark Ingle/Malia Smith/Linda Selima/Steve Reagan 19
Jeffrey Steinberg 20
Erica Hedrick/Francis Nduati 21
Selen Ongan/Ricardo Solano 22
Jennifer Fernandez 23
Fran Visconti/Amy Steinberg 24
Paul Gillespie/Cameron Turner 25